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2007-2009 “ACROBOTER - Autonomous Collaborative Robots to Swing and Work in Everyday EnviRonment”. EC sixth Framework Programme, Priority 2.6.1, Advanced Robotics, IST-2006-045530. Loureiro, Harwin (Total: €3.1 / £2.3 million)

The project aims to develop a radically new robot locomotion technology that can effectively be used in home and/or in office environments for manipulating small objects autonomously or in close cooperation with humans. This new type of mobile robot will be designed to move fast and in any 3D direction in an interior environment.

The main challenge is to easily (and like never before) overcome any kind of obstacles such as stairs, doorsteps, chairs, tables, shelves, the edge of carpets and various other everyday objects that can be found in a room in a generalized way. Also, the workspace of the robot will be extended (compared to recently available service robots) in the vertical direction. For example, the robot may have to operate on the top of tables; wardrobes and it may be used for manipulating objects placed on shelves, but also on the floor.

Acroboter webpage